Ville de Gatineau

The parade will take place on Saturday, November 30th 2019 at 6:00 pm


Registration form for volunteers 12 to 17 years old

Registration for volunteers 18 years and over

Please send your name, phone number, email address, and position of interest at:


  • Take pictures of floats, volunteers in action, closing ceremonies and some of Santa too.
  • Download the pictures on the parade’s computer before leaving.

Site preparation crew: for parade and market

  • As a team, install banners, tables, garbage cans, barricades and other such tasks. A list will be provided by site preparation manager.
  • At the Marina: take delivery of equipment, install parking spot numbers
  • At the Judges site: place tables, chairs sound system, flags etc
  • At the market: install lights, garbage cans etc

Clean up crew:

  • Pick up material from the Marina and store.
  • Remove decorations after ceremony.
  • Clean up and put away all material from under the big tent and other sites

Volunteers at the Marina:

  • With the help of a plan, direct the arriving floats and participants to their assigned parking spot and during parade start.
  • With the help of lists, limit access to the Marina.
  • Walking dolls/number carrier’s leader: watching over, help with costumes and make up, animation and placement in the parade.

Volunteers at the big tent:

  • Invite participants to take the shuttles.
  • Decorate the tent and other small tasks.
  • Variety of welcoming positions for volunteers and participants.

Parade route

  • General supervision during the parade


Qualities needed: companionship, enthusiasm, liveliness, good observation and good rhythm

General information

Attend the information meeting dressed warmly; it is colder down by the Marina.

There is no locker available for backpacks so bring as little as possible.
It is recommended to eat before getting to the Galeries

Before the parade

  • Meet with your leader under the tent behind the Galeries Aylmer to pick up your costume and volunteer's tag.
  • Hand in your volunteer book for signature.
  • Get on the shuttle bus to the Marina.
  • Identify yourself to your leader at the Marina.
  • Dress up and get make up. (Big red cheeks, freckles etc) and helps your companions in doing the same.
  • Practice dance steps, waving, animation.
  • Pose for souvenir picture with your group.
  • Don't go near the water's edge, you will be expelled from the parade.
  • Obey all officials' orders.
  • Wait for starting instructions. Your leader will tell you when to join in the parade.

Role and duties during the parade.

  • Identify and separate parading groups.
  • Salute and smile to the spectators (parade animation).
  • Set the rhythm of the parade by keeping the required distance with the group ahead.
  • Shows the number to the judges
  • When the parade stops for a few seconds, dances or cheers for the spectators.

Back at the parking lot

  • Go back to the tent to get a snack.
  • Stays for the winner's announcements.
  • Gives back the costume and accreditation
  • Get your signed volunteer book and momento.