Ville de Gatineau

Important: This year the parade will be held on Saturday December 2nd!


Where can I park?

There is free parking available at surrounding shopping malls. You can also park at the arenas (access via Lucerne blvd, Frank Robinson, Patrimoine)

How long is the parade?

About 45-60 minutes.

Which streets will be closed?

To be continued...

Can I drop off my letter to Santa?

To be continued...

Is there a food or money collection?

St-Vincent de Paul has confirmed that they will accept donations during the parade.

Who can be in the parade?

If you are a sports organisation, a marching band or group, a community organism or commerce you can be in the parade. Please consult the rules and use the registration form

I want to volunteer, where do I sign up?

Please send an e-mail with your name, phone number and the mention adult or teen ager to:

Is the parade accessible to handicapped persons?

The parade takes place in the street. Special arrangement (with organiser) must be made in advance if you are a participant in the parade.